There are few things in life that drive you like your kids, your true friends, and your brothers in arms. It took all three to push PatchOps into a reality we can all enjoy. 

When I was first introduced to my buddy Adam who is an Army Grunt, as a Marine 0331 myself, I felt like we were in a scene straight out of the movie ‘Step Brothers’ and realized all grunts are created equal. It was at that time that I first discovered Morale Patches- and the small slice of enjoyment they can bring. While I was active duty, the Marine Corps had nothing like these, other than a saying of “The beatings will continue until morale improves” Well, adapting and overcoming is life for this Jarhead – and with a coordinated effort of my two boys, my Army Infantry brotha Adam, and my brother from another mother- David, I am proud to provide Infantry inspired, High Quality, PVC Morale Patches for all the tired, filthy, thirsty, hungry, footsore, ripped-trouser, camouflage-painted, lean, mean, sons of b*itches who have kept the wolf away from the door for over two hundred forty years.

From USMC MOS Patches, to ideas from our twisted minds or using our art team to draw up your very own custom design- our customer service and quality of work will always be something that shows and can be displayed with pride. I look forward to continuing to serve all Police, Military, 2A Advocates, and other hard charging PATRIOTS that love this country as much as we do.

Semper Fidelis,

Timothy Hickey